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Does the quality of toothbrushes in hotel toiletries need to be the same as the quality of daily toothbrushes?

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The quality of toothbrushes in hotel toiletries should not be worse than the quality of daily toothbrushes. Let's think about how many people in the country's 1.3 billion people live in hotels, and the quality of life of most of these people who live in hotels belongs to the upper middle. The quality requirements of toothbrushes in hotels are not only inferior to the quality of daily toothbrushes, but the basic requirements are similar to or better than that of homes, especially the quality of toothbrush bristles is more important. The bristles are Dupont wire of the United States and are finely brushed. This bristle is the best wire in the toothbrush industry. The hotel provides travelers with good quality toothbrushes to satisfy travelers.